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Please ensure you provide correct address, we cannot estimate delivery date or time, if you miss the delivery, it is the customer's responsibility to arrange re-delivery.


非质量问题, 在不影响二次销售的前提下,必须在收到后三天内联系店家微信 hongfangziuk 商议退货, 退回运费需要自理。如果遇到任何货物质量问题或发错商品,请在收到货物的当日拍照,发微信或邮件给我们。

Return policy:

HONG FANG ZI do accept returns of products in following situation provided you contact us on the same day of receiving your parcel:
· If item is damaged or defective.
· If wrong product is received.

For any other reason, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your order to arrange return, other than quality problem, the customer needs to pay for the return postage.



快递公司默认使用邮局&My Hermes,速度2-3个工作日,如果加急请通知本店客服微信 hongfangziuk 另付运费。


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Shipping term:

Orders are shipped by Royalmail or Myhermes. On business days we ship all orders within 24 hrs.